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This is a role-playing journal for the character Takeru Takaishi from the anime Digimon Adventures, currently played in memento_eden.  It is maintained by DL/Wighty.  If there are any general thoughts or criticisms towards the way I handle this character, please feel free to drop a tag in this post.  Anonymous commenting is turned on and comments will be screened.

Alternatively, you may reach me through AIM (DLWriter7) or email (dli17000@yahoo.com). Thanks very much.
 . . . I'm sick of digging, Patamon.  Can you please help?


I said I was sorry.


What happened to never fighting again?

. . . We're not fighting.  I'm just mad at you.

Isn't that the same thing?


 . . . . . They didn't even say what we were looking for this time.  How are we supposed to know when we find it?  Maybe we should ask around to see if anyone has found anything yet.

[Takeru and Patamon are digging in the park.  Possibly right in the middle of the path.  Feel free to berate them.]
 . . . . . . .  *ngh*

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . oof.

. . . . .*hnnnnnnnnnnnngh*

*gasp gasp pant pant*  Takeru!  Why are we still digging!? I thought we were looking for grass!

Huh?  Uh.  Because, um.  Grass roots grow underground, right?  So if we dig up really weird colored roots somewhere, we'll have found the right grass patch.

That doesn't make any sense!

Oh.  . . . Actually, I just wanted to see you digging with your paws.  You look kinda cute when you're doing it.  Like a dog.  I told you before that I've always wanted a golden retriever, right?

. . . . . . . . . . AIIIIIIIIIIIR SHOT!


[Takeru is, um.  Filling in the hole he just dug outside the stables because there's a lot of grass there for the horses to eat, he figure.  He also suddenly remembers that Eliwood had told him not to.  Don't worry about the horses; he only dug half of one before Patamon caught on.]

Event: Searching for Hidden Treasure

[In the area by the theater/stadium/church, there are a half dozen holes about three feet deep scattered throughout a ~100 meter area.  No one can be seen . . . Although voices can be heard.  And is that a green hat in one of the holes?]

Patamon, you're digging the wrong way.

What do you mean?

The flat end is supposed to go into the ground.

Oh!  That must be why it's taking so long.  But if I do that, I won't be able to hold onto it . . .

Um.  Maybe you should just use your feet, then.  Why don't you take a break for a little while and I'll keep going?  We can't let anyone else find the treasure first.

Why are we even looking here anyway?

'Cause if you draw a line from that building to the church and then from that one to over here, they make an X!

. . . . . . . . . . It looks more like a V to me.

Don't be so negative, Patamon.

Sixth Departure

Taichi's gone . . . I thought it was weird that he didn't say anything when I remembered all that stuff.

Agumon, too.

And Mr. Ginko . . . And Wizarmon.  And even Everyone's going away, Patamon.  Even when Taichi and Agumon promised that they wouldn't leave . . .  Patamon.  Will you disappear, too?

No way!  I triple double Digi swear that as long as you're here, I'll never leave you alone, Takeru!

Me, too.  . . . . . . . . . Everyone . . . I hope you're all OK!

*sniff*  *sniff*

[Takeru and Patamon will be found sitting outside with a cloud of gloominess following them for the next few days, a departure from their usual cheerfulness.  They will invariably be eating sweets and candies and cakes.]



 . . . Oh hang on Patamon I think we've got our fingers stuck on the 'a'.

Fourth Adventure

 . . . We were at summer camp.  Weird things had been happening all over the world.  The Middle East was flooding and everyone was drowning, but mainland Asia had no rain at all and everyone there was dying of thirst.  America was trapped in a giant blizzard . . . and Japan.  Japan was too cold, too.  That's why when it started to snow . . . we were all kinda afraid that something bad was gonna happen.  So we hid inside a cabin and waited for the snowstorm to go away.

Taichi Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Koushiro Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Jyou Kidou.  Big Brother.  And me.  Once the snowstorm stopped, we went out . . . and we were thrown into the Digital World.

That's where I met you, Takeru, back when I was Tokomon.  I'd been waiting for you for a really long time.  Ever since I was born, I knew that the two of us would meet sometime.  So I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.

 . . . . . . . . . . That's right.  You told me that when we first met.  . . . And Patamon, when we were attacked by that giant bug, you changed to become Patamon.

That's right.  Eaaaaaaa Shot!  I don't know why it happened, but that was called evolution.

But, Patamon, why did I go to your world in the first place?  What could've happened?

I don't know . . .

I don't belong there, that's for sure.  So Mr. Wizarmon . . . If he went home to the Digital World.  Will I ever see him again?

((Ok, so unstated in an entry, I've used 1% in the past to remember Takeru and Yamato's family situation, and also 1% to remember Patamon's attacks.  Now spending 3% on the events of the first episode.  That makes 8% spent total and 7% remaining.))

Third . . . Point Five Adventure?

((Following this thread and assuming that said thread occurred about a week and a half after this post, we come to the conclusion of the epic Patamon-Takeru fight. Please have your handkerchiefs ready to wipe away the tears.  Please either witness the following scene or be aware of the short post that Takeru and Patamon make following.))


[Some time later]
Patamon is going to be living with me again.  Thank you, everyone!  And thank you 'specially, Mr. Tsubasa.

Third Adventure!

Patamon . . . Patamon, where did you go?  Can you see this?

Takeru!  You . . . You're a big stupid meaniehead!  I can't believe you would do something like that!

Patamon!  What are you talking about?!  What's wrong?  Where are you?

You left me all alone!  You said you never wanted to see me again!  And then . . . And then  you went off with PicoDevimon . . .

No way!  I'd never abandon you. . . And I don't remember that at all!

Well, remember harder!

I'm trying!  I . . . um, I  . . . Huh?  Patamon!  No way!  You're the one that ditched me!  You talked bad about big brother and then you flew away into Shibuya just because I told you to cut it out!

What!  That's not true!  And don't change the subject!  You're the one who said you didn't care about me!

Well, you're the one who said you wouldn't talk to me anymore!


Don't call me names!  Stupid!


Shut up, Patamon!

I hate you, Takeru!

W-Well I hate you, too!  If you're just gonna call me names, I'm not talking to you anymore!

Fine!  I don't ever want to talk to you again!

((1% formerly used on the remembrance of Yamato Ishida.  1% currently used on the memory of the fight over PicoDevimon; 1% used on the fight in Shibuya.  7% remaining.

When tagging this post, indicate whether you are tagging Patamon or Takeru.  Patamon can be found in the forest and generally outside.  Takeru will be found in the apartments, in school, and occasionally walking around outside as if he were looking for someone.  Both of them will look as if they'd been crying and/or are very upset.  The contents of this post are public.))

Second Adventure!

Oh, wow!  Halloween!

I don't think I ever celebrated this holiday very much back home since it was an American holiday, but I always thought the idea was great!  Costumes and candy!  But I don't need my mommy to tell me not to eat it all; I'm a big boy!  I know I'll get a stomachache.  So I've divided it all up into 8 different piles, one for each day of the week, and one pile for my friends!  There's a big pink lollipop for Miss Tear and one shaped like a witch's hat for Mr. Wizarmon and a lot of M&M's for Mr. Ginko and a big dragon gummi for Taichi and Agumon!  Thanks, everyone, for helping out me and Patamon.  Patamon, say thank you.

 . . .

Um.  Patamon doesn't have hands, so I'm gonna write thank you for him.  Thank you!  Patamon also says, Wow!  If this is the sort of stuff that happens when we get our memories back, this place is a lot more fun than I though it was!  Yeah, I agree.  Is Memento Eden always like this?  It's not nearly as bad a game as I thought it would be.  Oh, but it's kinda hard to sleep with just this angel robe on -- It's too cold!  Patamon and I had to cuddle up really close last night cause we were both s-s-shivering r-really h-h-h-hard.  But it's OK.  I went to an empty room and borrowed some of their blankets so we'll be all warm -- Cause I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself.  We're gonna build a blanket fort!

Oh, oh!  Taichi and Agumon!  Your room is right below ours!  Let's make a secret code so we can knock to each other in the middle of the night and send secret messages and be secret!  But not too late cause my bedtime is only 8:30.

((Patamon and Takeru are both dressed up as angels.  Takeru is missing his hat and only has on a white robe with wings attached to the back and a plastic holo floating above his head.  Patamon's got an extra set of wings around his back, and his holo is, uh, wrapped around his body for some reason.))